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Capsa Packaging and NOKEN (Grupo Porcelanosa) sign an international licensing agreement

Capsa packaging y Noken
After making their patented technology widely available through their licensing program, Capsa Packaging has signed an international licensing agreement with NOKEN (Grupo Porcelanosa), which gives them the option to be supplied the capsa 2in1® solution via any authorised corrugated cardboard manufacturer.
NOKEN decided to use the 2in1® concept to increase productivity and efficiency in their logistics chain processes, as NOKEN’s logistics centre manager, Víctor García, confirmed: “We could never have imagined a simple cardboard box would bring us so many logistics benefits”.
Capsa 2in1® cardboard boxes are a logistics solution that can help to speed up processes when preparing orders, as well as during storage and shipment, thereby reducing supply chain costs.
Now customers have the opportunity to improve their processes through packaging using Capsa 2in1® boxes, which will enable them to implement new logistics methods. This innovative system with a double closing option for cardboard boxes, provides process improvements and reinforces the box’s structure, offering greater content protection during transportation compared to traditional boxes.
This licensing program is both innovative and easy to access for customers that wish to improve their logistics processes. It is available throughout the world, meaning they can maintain their current cardboard box suppliers. Capsa’s managing director, Manel López, added: “We wanted to bring our innovative solutions to market and licensing is the method that benefits everyone.”
Committed to quality and sustainability, Capsa and Grupo Porcelanosa continue working closely on improving their logistics processes.
Capsa, who have been developing corrugated cardboard packaging solutions for over 20 years, offer a licensing program that means everyone can access their patented technology. The company has a portfolio of 95 patents in over 30 countries and continues innovating in the cardboard packaging sector.

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