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Capsa’s innovative spirit led them to market the 2in1® solution, which they apply to numerous products to continue satisfying sender needs, while also providing benefits to the recipient.     

The DNA of innovation is present in all Capsa’s products that they bring to market. This difference provides added value to the brand and improves customer perception. Capsa will continue innovating in the packaging sector.

Premios LiderPack y Ipaawards

Capsa won the IPA Awards 2018 award and the Liderpack 2018 award for their innovative double closing 2in1® system eZ-Plus.


75 patents | 20 countries

All our experience, allied with current market needs, led us to develop a great innovation that will mark a shift in the current perception of the benefits of using a cardboard box. Capsa patents are registered in over 20 countries and are testimony to our creativity and commitment to innovation.

Patents are an essential tool for protecting the results of years of research and development. This allows Capsa to both safeguard their technology and enable other companies to benefit through their licensing program.

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The manufacture and commercialization without the authorization of Capsa Packaging is prohibited.

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