capsa 2in1®

The system that reinvents cardboard boxes

The capsa 2in1® box is a revolutionary and innovative design oriented to optimize and enhance logistics adaptability during order preparation and shipping.

The 2in1® double closing system makes packaging more functional and turns cardboard boxes into an efficient and sustainable solution.

Concept capsa 2in1®

Multifunction closing system that
applies to cardboard boxes.

Closing for transportation
  • Secure transportation
    Better content protection.
Closing for storage
  • Any time access to the content, for convenient packaging and storage.
Comparativa Capsa 2in1 Duo

Resistant to lateral pressure

capsa 2in1® Duo: 33,97% more resistant than a FEFCO 201 standard box

ISTA 3A* vibration testing protocol
Time in transit to rupture: capsa 2in1® Duo: 70 min vs FEFCO 201 standard box: 5 min *ISTA 3A is a specific test protocol for courier service shipments that attempts to reproduce the characteristic risks involved with this type of distribution

Source: Based on the ITENE S01.0418 test report.


Our capsa 2in1® multi-functional closing system will benefit both provider and client. This system consists of two flaps designed for secured transportation and two flaps for convenient storage.


  • Reinforced structure design
  • Enables the organization and preparation of deferred orders
  • Reduces adhesive tape consumption
  • Optimizes internal and reverse logistics
  • Practical and clean storage


  • Safe to open
  • Secure transportation


  • Eco-friendly Packaging 
    Enables reuse
  • Packaging for more efficient and sustainable logistics

Purchasing Experience

  • Special interlocking flaps
  • Personalize and surprise your customers


Our capsa 2in1® cardboard boxes will optimise and boost your supply chain process. Thanks to our systems integrated in our boxes, your items will be protected during transit and storage. Choose the right box for your business!


Duo System

Manual assembly with self-adhesive tape
  • A resistant and functional system
  • Reinforced interlocked bottom
Duo system icon

Plus System

Plus System
  • Fast assembly in less than 1 second
  • A quick, convenient and efficient system
  • Reinforced double bottom
Plus icon

Closing system

With self-adhesive tape included
  • For a secure and confidential transportation
  • Shipping and return 
  • Special for ecommerce
Ecommerce icon

Open Lid System

The box convertible in basket
  • Boxes can be made with integrated lids or separate lids
  • Contents can be transported in basket mode
  • Contents can be transported in box mode
Open lid system

Flex System

Flexible interior system
  • Suitable for all shapes and sizes
  • Avoid overpacking 
  • Inmovilizes content during transport 
Flex system icon

Our boxes have been specifically designed to help boost each step of your supply chain, from order picking to packing.

They also offer great benefits to clients when unboxing.

Our methods

Our logistical methods will improve your supply chain performance.


Capsa® Logistic Method

The method which covers all the logistic stages
  • Prepare: Practical, fast and safe shipping’s 
  • Transport: Keep box closed after opening 
  • Returns: An optimum solution for returns 
Capsa moving method steps

Capsa® Moving Method

The method which covers all the moving stages
  • Prepare: Facilitates organization and access to the content at all time
  • Transport: Close your box for a secure and confidential transportation 
  • Organize: Facilitates reorganization through a clean organization 
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