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Custom-made projects

Made to measure boxes - Customize your capsa2in1® with an innovative packaging

Made to measure boxes

With capsa2in1®, you can customize the solution that best meets your needs.

Find out all our possibilities below and contact us:

Customize the solution that best suits your needs; personalize your Capsa2in1®. Discover below all the possibilities that we offer you. We show you how! ¡Te enseñamos cómo!

Personaliza tu caja Capsa 2in1

1. Assembly

First things first! Select the assembly that best suits your supply chain requirements.

Montaje manual de tu caja Capsa

Duo System

Manual using adhesive tape

Plus System

Fast assembly
Simple and quick to assemble
in less than 1 second

2. Closure using upper flaps

Let’s move on to the flaps! We have different options according to the type of shipment. Our flaps are specifically designed for shipping but also for reverse logistics.

Caja cartón estándar precinto
Caja cartón cierre autoadhesivo

Standard with tape

With 1 strip
of self-adhesive seal for shipment

With 2 strips
of self-adhesive seal for shipment and return

Personaliza tu Capsa 2in1

3. Measurements

Do not forget the measurements of the box! Let us know the measurements you need and we will make it happen.

*The measurements need indicating in mm as follows: Length x Width x Height.

Caja cartón personalizable

4. Quality

We will help you to choose the right cardboard to pack the items you need to ship.


 All our products are made of the best materials with first class workmanship, they are brand new and they comply with the quality and specifications stipulated in the Capsa® Guarantee of Quality.


5. Exterior finish

White or Kraft board? You decide! Let us know the overall look you hope to deliver to your customers and we will help you choose!



If you are looking for the greenest packaging material, Kraft is the right choice for you.


If you prefer the clean look of white board, this is the best option.

6. Graphics

Be creative! Boxes can be printed to your own design specification.


Water-based Flexographic Inks used for box printing.


Now it is your turn to surprise your clients! Personalise your packaging and display your attention to detail!

If you have any questions or would like more information

In Capsa® we are expert manufacturers in designing the best solutions in cardboard boxes that adapt to your needs. Call us or contact us to find out more about the type of box you need for your business.

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