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Clients Program

Partnering for flexible and effective logistics

What does the Capsa 2in1® procurement programme offer?

With our Clients Program, Capsa opens its technology worldwide so that customers can order Capsa 2in1® solutions from any Capsa approved corrugated board manufacturer.

Clients Program:
Opportunity around the world

Clients Program

Benefits of participating in the programme

Participating in Capsa’s sourcing programme has great advantages. You will be able to differentiate your shipments with innovative packaging that offers greater protection of the contents, as well as being functional and sustainable packaging.

You will have the opportunity to optimise the productivity of your logistics chain through Capsa 2in1® packaging solutions.

Thanks to the programme, you will be able to source capsa 2in1® solutions from authorised corrugated cardboard manufacturers that best suit your needs in terms of proximity and/or service.

Advantages of the programme

It's a quick and easy option to stock up on capsa 2in1® solutions with your usual supplier.


The sourcing program is aimed at all customers who need cardboard boxes for logistical use and want to benefit from an innovative, efficient and sustainable packaging solution in their processes.

Simply ask your usual supplier if they are part of Capsa’s authorized manufacturer program. If they are, you only need to order the products that are of interest to you.

You can contact us and consult the list of authorized manufacturers in your country or you can ask your supplier to contact us to join our authorized manufacturer program.

No, it does not represent any cost at all.

It is simply a system that allows us to identify the circulation of products based on industrial property and legally manufactured by authorized manufacturers. All original Capsa 2in1® products are perfectly identified in order to ensure a product subject to strict manufacturing standards according to the Capsa® quality manual.

Yes, of course. You should only order Capsa 2in1® products from all those Capsa authorized manufacturers that are of interest to you for supply.

Yes, the program is available internationally in more than 30 countries and you can simply contact us to consult the authorized manufacturers in the country of interest to your subsidiaries.

What does Capsa® offer?

Funcionalidad Capsa


Capsa® offers a source of suppliers with the most advanced technologies in packaging machinery for the production of all its innovations.



Continuous development of new products through the R&D department.

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Contributes to making your company’s logistics and packaging processes more efficient and sustainable.

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