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With Capsa® everything is easier!

With our E-business solutions, your company will always have access to all the information relating to your account.

Consult your personalised articles with your logo, as well as products manufactured with special measurements. We offer you different E-business solutions among which we highlight:

Create a list of your favourite products

This is a quick way to add products you usually buy to your basket. This way of placing orders can only be used if you have a Capsa® account. Once you have logged in with your username and password, you can create a list by selecting the desired items. You can do so by clicking the heart on the left of the reference table. To check your chosen reference go to MY PRODUCTS – my favourites from the user menu. You can add more than one item to your basket by clicking “add to basket”.



Ordering items that have been previously bought

This is a quick and easy way of placing orders on Capsa®’s website. It is only possible if the user has an account. To locate a previous order, you have to log in with your username and password. Once logged in, in your user menu you will find the button “My orders”. Click and wait to see all your orders. You can select any of your orders by clicking on the button “Retrieve order”.

The selected order will be automatically sent to the basket. Once it has been placed in the basket you can remove those products you do not need or add others by clicking on the “CONTINUE SHOPPING” button.

View your negotiated conditions with Capsa

Our prices are adapted to your purchase volumes. Contact us and we will make you a personalised offer which, once entered into our system, will allow you to consult and place orders according to the conditions offered.


Process your orders with your company’s usual payment method

Capsa® offers you the possibility of processing your orders with your company’s usual deferred payment conditions. Our financial department will validate your payment conditions and they will be entered into our system. You will be able to consult your orders and check out products an apply the agreed offers.

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