The eco-friendly 2in1 box

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Customisable boxes to suit your applications

Our boxes can be produced to your specified dimensions, in plain white, brown colour or a printed option is available.

Yes, that is right! Get the most out of our packaging solutions and provide satisfactory shopping experience to your customers.

Concept capsa 2in1®

The system that reinvents cardboard boxes

Why choosing capsa 2in1®?

Because we have been designing, manufacturing and providing packaging solutions for over 20 years. We have reinvented the cardboard box! This basic has become a functional and sustainable solution thanks to our famous multi-functional closing system capsa2in1®.


Ship effectively thanks to our multi-functional closing system capsa2in1®.


Reuse our Eco-friendly packaging as many times as you want.


Protect your content from risk and thief attempts with the integrated double flaps.

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