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Capsa 2in1® eZ-Postal ecommerce shipping and return boxes

Benefits of the Capsa 2in1® eZ-Postal postal boxes
• Capsa 2in1® multi-functional closing system for shipping and storage
• Flaps with double self-adhesive strip for shipping and return
• Easy to open tear strip
• Logistical efficiency
• Safe and secured transport
• Reinforced structure
• Protection against sharp objects
• Enhanced customer shopping experience

Available in the following formats:

in mm
(L x An x Al)
in mm (L x An x Al)
2in1® eZ-Postal-001330 x 290 x 80342 x 296 x 90450
2in1® eZ-Postal-002355 x 210 x 145367 x 216 x 155450



in mm
(L x An x Al)

2in1® eZ-Postal-001

330 x 290 x 80

2in1® eZ-Postal-002

355 x 210 x 145

Customisable boxes to suit your applications

Our boxes can be produced to your specified dimensions, in plain white, brown colour or a printed option is available.

Yes, that is right! Get the most out of our packaging solutions and provide satisfactory shopping experience to your customers.

The capsa 2in1® eZ-Postal ecommerce shipping and return boxes are ideal for smaller returnable products

Here at Capsa® we provide our capsa 2in1® eZ-Postal ecommerce shipping and return boxes, ideal for returnable products, such as clothing, shoes, jewellery or electronic devices. These boxes will help you to increase each stage of your logistical process. They will also provide your boxes with an innovative design to enhance your customer’s experience.

First of all, our capsa 2in1® eZ-Postal postal boxes feature our capsa 2in1® multi-functional closure system.

This closing system provides:

  • Closing for safe transport, exclusively focused on ecommerce with two self-adhesive bands for shipping and return. No additional adhesive tape is required. This means a great money and time saving.

  • Closing for picking and storage, flaps designed to reinforce the structure of the box and in turn, provide a second life for the box. The interlocking flaps that allow access to the contents at all times.

Closing for safe transport

cajas de cartón montaje rápido para envío y devolución capsa 2in1® eZ-Plus

Closing for picking and storage

Cajas de carton montaje rápido y cierre adhesivo capsa 2in1® e-Plus

As we all know, internet-related sales are growing and changing the way companies are run. Ecommerces and businesses have to face many challenges, such as standing out from competitors or enticing customers to buy their products. There are many marketing strategies to capture consumers’ attention and one of them is through packaging — this is where Capsa® steps in.

Our capsa 2in1® eZPostal ecommerce shipping and return boxes provide a built-in adhesive strip and two tear strips on the top flaps, ideal for shipping, storage and increase order preparation. That is right! Items can be sent and returned with the same box, which is money-saving.

And there is more… our boxes have been manufactured from a single corrugated cardboard panel, allowing continuity of material between the lid and walls. It is an anti-theft system. This will ensure your products will arrive to their destination safely and securely.

In addition, the direction of the corrugated cardboard channel is vertical in all lateral walls, and there is a double layer of cardboard in the superior part granting a more resistant bottom against possible deformations. Boxes provide greater resistance against stacking. Consequently, a total protection of both contents and the integrity of the box is achieved.

Our capsa 2in1® eZPostal ecommerce shipping and return boxes will boost your business performance. Firstly, they will remain assembled and well-fixed throughout the whole logistical process. Secondly, they will accelerate warehouse order picking thanks to their interlocking flaps, which will allow quick and easy access to contents at all times. Finally, thanks to their reusability capsa 2in1® eZ-Postal boxes can gain a second life.

As mentioned above, packaging helps to win customers loyalty as they provide an enhanced shopping experience and act as product display. Capsa® aims to make its contribution by providing the best solutions to both seller and consumer.

We can guarantee your products will be fully protected at all times. If your customer wishes to return shipped items, he will not have to buy additional material or accessories because he will be able to use the same box. Capsa 2in1® eZ-Postal postal boxes are supplied with an adhesive tape to facilitate direct and inverse logistics. Therefore, with these boxes you will increase customer’s trust and make sure they are ready to make a new purchase.

Capsa  2in1 the perfect combination

This is possible, thanks to its special interlocking flaps that do not require adhesive tape, which offers a clean and practical closing system, not to mention its visually attractive appearance.

The uses of 2in1® eZ-Postal

Our postal boxes are ideal for ecommerce applications across small and fragile returnable items of fashion, textiles, jewelry, electronic devices and plenty more. Boxes can be produced to your specified length and width specification.

Thanks to their reusability Capsa 2in1® eZ-Postal boxes are an excellent functional and environmentally sustainable solution compared to conventional postal boxes.

Swap to a sustainable solution and make your Eco-friendly packaging do the talking!

If you have any questions or would like more information

Capsa® always helps you to choose the right cardboard box and packaging system to suit your business requirements. We are experts at manufacturing boxes to your own design specification. Give us a call or contact us to find out more about the box you need.