Capsa 2in1®, the most sustainable boxes on the market!

It's easy to say, it's difficult to do!

The concept of a sustainable cardboard box is usually linked to the idea of a recyclable box with a design that consumes less material. However, in order to make a cardboard box more sustainable than others we need it to be REUSABLE! Providing a box with a new life is an ideal solution to support sustainability.


Let’s analyse this concept to see it more clearly: what is more sustainable? a box that consumes 10% less cardboard or a box that can be given a new life to reuse it because of its design? It is clear, in one case we save 10% of material and in the other case we save 50% by using the same box twice.

How do we know if a box is really reusable? When we receive a cardboard box and we use it for a second life, we encounter several problems. The first one occurs when we open the sealed box. As it is not designed to be opened easily, it will most likely break while trying to open it. Secondly, if it has been possible to open it carefully, there is the next handicap. How do we close the box again if we don’t have tape? Well, we can open the box, break it, and then throw it away. But this is certainly what we do not want. Capsa® boxes are manufactured from high-quality cardboard and have been specifically designed to be reusable. They are certainly the best solution, as they incorporate a tear-off strip, which is ideal to be used without scissors or cutters. Once the box is opened, the inner flaps allow the box to be temporarily closed without the need for tape.

With such a box, what messages would our conscience send us?

‘The box is intact’, ‘it’s handy for storing things’, ‘what a shame to throw it away’, ‘I’d better keep it for a new use’… So, when you receive a cardboard box, always ask yourself, if the box can be easily closed after being opened or if it is a throwaway box.

About our reuse circuit

With our capsa 2in1® boxes, you can reuse the box as many times as you need!
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