Packaging systems

Provide your products with extra protection

All companies require high-quality packaging products. Packaging systems ensure optimal product shipping by providing excellent protection against damage at every stage of the logistical process. So, whether you are selling fragile or delicate products -such as glassware, perfumes or electronic objects- they will arrive in optimal condition with our protective packaging systems. We have everything from bubble wrap to flexible-foam. However, if you are looking to fill empty interior spaces of boxes and packages, as in the case of products with primary containers, we provide you with other options. Capsa® supplies high-quality cushioning products as well as paper products mainly for sustainable businesses. Both bubble and paper packaging are automated and allow to increase your company’s productivity. Capsa® also provides crucial accessories for order preparation i.e. closing and strapping machines, orbital wrappers, shrink and heat sealer machines, tape machines, PVC tapes and recyclable paper Kraft tapes. Packaging systems stated above are ideal for business that require shipping their products. Get the most out of them by providing satisfactory shopping experience to your customers.

Provide your products with extra protection

Efficient packaging systems transport products safely i.e. free from vibration, knocks or bumps. They play a pivotal role in the selling process, as they ensure industrial products or consumer goods are kept in perfect condition from the moment of purchase to the unboxing.

Packaging systems are multi-functional. They not only fill voids around contents and protect products, but also facilitate handling, logistics management and product identification. In addition, packaging serves as a marketing tool, which supports branding, emphasises products’ best features and creates satisfactory experience for the customer.

Alongside a range of different options, there are secondary packaging alternatives: 

  • Orbital wrappers
  • Strapping machines
  • Cushioning and paper
  • Adhesive Tapes
  • Retractable plastics
  • Inflatable foams

If you combine these packaging systems with our reinforced structured cardboard boxes, you will provide your shipped products with greater resistance to lateral compression and stacking.

Our boxes act as tertiary packaging. They are stronger and more innovative than conventional boxes, as they feature our capsa 2in1® multi-functional closing system. This double-option system consists of two flaps to secure transportation —which are located at the top part of the box— and two interlocking flaps for convenient storage.

Customisable boxes to suit your applications

Our boxes can be produced to your specified dimensions, in plain white, brown colour or a printed option is available. Yes, that is right! Get the most out of our packaging solutions and provide satisfactory shopping experience to your customers.

Any questions? Just ask

Capsa® always helps you to choose the right cardboard box and packaging system to suit your business requirements. Boxes can also be printed to your own design specification. Give us a call or contact us to find out more about the box you need.

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