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Our RETAIL division designs and marketing products and services for moving, storage, and home organisation through points of sale.
We have an extensive range of products conceived to provide added value to the point of sale and your customers. Additionally, our experience and knowledge enables us to support distributors across a number of areas. From selecting the range, through to implementation, merchandising, and monitoring the display. With a specific catalogue for moving and organisation, your customers will find all that they need. From boxes to bubble wrap, including boxes for crockery, bottles, wardrobe boxes, special boxes for television sets and multimedia, boxes for sporting accessories, protective covers for mattresses, sofas, chairs, etc.

Over 100 products of the highest quality to ensure the best protection for everything that your customers value most.

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We have a wide range of products for moving, storage and household management

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We take care of shelf design to optimize sales space and profitability per square metre

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Capsa carries out the design and layout of graphic elements, as well as providing tools communication tools such as flyers, guides, displays, totems, canvases, videos and cardboard furniture to animate events and podiums

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