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Capsa Packaging offers their patented solutions through different partnership programs. 

Clients Program

Partnering for flexible and effective logistics

I am a client and I am interested in procuring capsa2in1® boxes

Distributors Program

Partnering for a win-win collaboration

I am a distributor and I am interested in selling capsa2in1® solutions


Licensing Program

Partnering to share our innovations

I am a cardboard box manufacturer and I am interested in obtaining a license


Our Partners

With the aim of offering high added value to their customers, Capsa collaborates with leading companies to provide solutions that revolutionise the user experience, as well as offering something different.

The innovative spirit of Capsa and Sealed Air combine to offer solutions that provide the best protection during shipping and meet new market needs. With the Capsa 2in1® system and the Sealed Air product, the content will be protected inside and out.

A comprehensive solution providing benefits such as efficiency, productivity, and sustainability, along with the best presentation.

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