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Here at Capsa® we create cardboard boxes and cartons to meet needs of businesses in each and every sector. We are proud to offer a wide range of cardboard boxes for shipping industrial products, consumer goods, as well as ecommerce products. Our self-sealing boxes are manufactured from consistent structural designs that will enhance the strength of the packaging and will protect your products during transport and reverse logistics. Our ecommerce packaging incorporates two self-sealing bands specifically designed for returnable products, refunds and exchanges. We have brought together all the advantages of using our boxes so that companies can make safe deliveries, and customers can reuse them when making changes or returns. This will save money for companies and their customers. A multi-functional closing system 2in1® has been added to our cardboard boxes. This will optimise in-store order preparation and ensure customer satisfaction by creating unique shopping experience. Here at Capsa® we are always looking to push the limits of what’s possible – either through the creation of innovative methods and new products for businesses and/or ecommerces, or improved ideas for existing materials. Internet-related sales are growing and changing the way businesses are run. However, resistant cardboard boxes will always be necessary, specially for companies supplying consumer goods, spare parts, industrial products, to name but a few.

Customisable boxes to suit your applications

Our shipping and ecommerce boxes can be produced to your specified dimensions, in plain white, brown colour or a printed option is available. Yes, that is right! Get the most out of our packaging solutions and provide satisfactory shopping experience to your customers.

Our shipping / ecommerce boxes are the best option to protect your products at all times!

The best boxes for shipping and ecommerce

Cardboard boxes and cartons play a crucial role in the development of any company and its marketing strategy. Thanks to their remarkable qualities, they have become the best option to sell products from each and every sector, including ecommerce.

Here at Capsa® we offer a wide range of quality cardboard boxes specifically designed to meet businesses and ecommerce requirements:

Shipping boxes from Capsa® are ideal for shipping industrial products and/or consumer goods. They are manufactured from consistent structural designs that will enhance the strength of the packaging and will protect your products from stack and lateral compression. This means your products will be transported safely and securely. Our shipping boxes differ from the conventional ones because they incorporate the multi-functional closing system called capsa 2in1®. This consists of two interlocking flaps designed to secure transportation and two flaps for convenient storage. Our multi-functional system allows quick and easy access to the package at all times while keeping the inner items safe.

As we all know, internet-related sales are growing and changing the way companies are run. Ecommerces and businesses have to face many challenges, such as standing out from competitors or enticing customers to buy their products. There are many marketing strategies to capture consumers’ attention and one of them is through packaging — this is where Capsa® steps in. 

Our wide variety of ecommerce boxes are manufactured from consistent high quality cardboard and structural designs. This allows products to be transported safely and securely from storage facilities to the consumer. To complement our capsa 2in1® multi-functional closing system, we have added a self-adhesive tape and two self-sealing bands. The self-adhesive sealing tape is suitable for products that cannot be returned. On the contrary, the two self-sealing bands are ideal for products eligible to exchanges or returns, such as clothing, shoes or decorative items. Either way, both options provide resistance, convenience and brand experience.

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Capsa® always helps you to choose the right cardboard box and packaging system to suit your business requirements. We are experts at manufacturing boxes to your own design specification. Give us a call or contact us to find out more about the box you need.

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