Postal boxes

If you need to send products of a smaller size, such as jewellery, fashion or decoration, Capsa® provides boxes for postal deliveries. These boxes include a multi-functional closing system to bring great benefits to both the supplier and the consumer.

An increasing demand for small product shipments

Postal boxes are a booming necessity for online stores and courier centres that ship small products. Practical and convenient, they provide superior strength to the package.

This type of boxes are characterised by their size, which is suitable for shipping jewellery, textiles or fashion, decoration, subscription boxes or even gift boxes. They make the package eye-catching, which helps brands to stand out from the crowd.

Our postal boxes incorporate our innovative capsa 2in1® multi-functional closing system, which eases each step of your logistical process, even during reverse logistics. Two flaps secure transportation and the two interlocking ones improve in-store order preparation and allow quick and easy access to the shipped content at all times.

Our postal boxes can incorporate one or two sealing-tapes, which are ideal for products susceptible to exchanges or returns. Here at Capsa® we want to help fulfil your business objectives through attractive, innovative and protective boxes.

Our postal boxes are strong enough to be reused in multiple occasions, as they are made of a high-quality, rigid corrugated double cardboard. This guarantees the protection of the product during shipping and if the case its return. Our boxes are very quick to assemble because they do not require extra tools or an adhesive tape. Postal boxes can also be printed to your design specification — a great way to promote your company and increase brand satisfaction.

Customisable boxes to suit your applications

Capsa® provides a wide range of models available to suit your needs. However, postal boxes can be produced to your specified dimensions, in plain white, brown colour or a printed option in a wide variety of colours is also available. Yes, that is right! Boxes can be customised internally/externally. We can print your logo, add product details, or instructions of use. Get the most out of our packaging solutions and provide satisfactory shopping experience to your customers. 

Do not miss out this opportunity, turn packaging into a marketing tool and stand out from the crowd. Check them out!

Any questions? Just ask

Capsa® always helps you to choose the right cardboard boxes and the appropriate measurements to suit your business requirements. Boxes can also be printed to your own design specification. Give us a call or contact us to find out more about the box you need.

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