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Here at Capsa® we understand that global economy is sustained by companies in a myriad of sectors, such as cosmetics, food, textiles, electronics, pharmaceuticals, among others. For this enormous variety of sectors, Capsa® offers a large portfolio of corrugated cardboard solutions for all types of products.

Each of our products have been designed to meet and respond to the specific needs of the customer, hence, if our standard sizes do not fit the volume or dimensions of a particular product, we can offer bespoke packaging solutions. We have a team specialised in structural design, we work together with the R+D+i department to test our prototypes by means of resistance tests. Our main objective is to protect the contents of the box at every stage of the logistics chain.

However, the logistics chain may vary depending on the type of business. This means it may be a B2B company, where a type of industrial packaging that can cope with all types of shipments is required, including international ones. International shipments can be by land, air or even sea. For the latter, Capsa® provides container boxes and pallet boxes, which will guarantee the perfect reception of the contents when they reach their destination. These boxes are made of double corrugated cardboard and high strength kraft paper, which offers maximum protection.

In addition to B2B, we have an ecommerce-oriented business model. Here the focus is exclusively on the customer and how we can create a pleasant shopping experience from the packaging. In this scenario, Capsa® ecommerce boxes have a lot to offer compared to conventional boxes. We have combined our efforts to achieve resistant, functional, and sustainable packaging. All Capsa® products are equipped with our capsa 2in1® multifunctional closing system, which allows us to optimise your supply chain and make logistics more flexible, from the preparation of orders, shipments and even possible returns.

Our wide range of ecommerce box products are made from structural designs that enhance the strength of the packaging. In addition, we have boxes for single shipment, with an incorporated self-adhesive tape, or double band, in case of changes or returns requested by the end customer.

On our side, we provide a high-quality product, resistant to impacts, which guarantees the perfect reception of the content; however, on the company’s side, we invite them to be the ones in charge of giving prominence to their brand by means of the printed personalisation of the packaging. This personalisation can be in 1 or several inks, or an exterior finish in white or Kraft, depending on what the company is wishing to transmit.

Being aware of the booming demand for cardboard boxes for the ecommerce sector, we dare to say that these are no longer a simple commodity, but a powerful marketing tool to communicate and promote the brand, the company’s philosophy or even an invitation to consumers to reuse them.

We have more than 25 years of experience that guarantee the quality of our products and all the benefits that we can add to the logistics chain through capsa 2in1® boxes.

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Capsa® always helps you to choose the right cardboard box and packaging system to suit your business requirements. We are experts at manufacturing boxes to your own design specification. Give us a call or contact us to find out more about the box you need.

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