Cardboard boxes for online shipping

Capsa 2in1® online shipping boxes are perfect for sending books, bottles, small items, food. They are boxes that allow products to be shipped in a single shipment, as well as products that accept returns. In both cases the boxes guarantee that the contents are transported in complete safety.

Take advantage of all these benefits and boost your online store with superior quality packaging – don’t wait any longer!

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Benefits of Capsa 2in1® ecommerce boxes

  • Dual 2in1® capsa multi-function closure option for ecommerce shipping and returns
  • Two mounting options to choose from:

– Duo mounting system with adhesive tape
– Plus system for quick assembly and easy folding

  • Reinforced structure design
  • Maximum resistance against a conventional box
  • Reduces costs and handling time
  • Double reinforced bottom
  • Logistics efficiency
  • Safe transportation in the position you are traveling
  • Reusable
  • Extra strong quality
Capsa 2in1 Duo comparativa

This is possible, thanks to its special interlocking flaps that do not require adhesive tape, which offers a clean and practical closing system, not to mention its visually attractive appearance.

Globalization has changed the way we sell; companies are moving into the online landscape. There is no denying the reality, it is a very competitive sector and capturing the customer’s attention is a big challenge for companies. When we go to buy, we usually have a budget in mind and we go to look for the product we are interested in. However, in online shopping there is no displacement, so everything is just a “click”. This is the click that makes the difference for ecommerce companies.

Therefore, it is extremely necessary to have valid marketing tools to promote your online store. This is where Capsa® can make the difference: by offering packaging that makes you stand out from the competition. When it comes to ecommerce, the only contact between the company and the consumer is when the consumer receives his order. Therefore, the moment of unboxing is very important and we must take care of every detail in order to offer a brand experience that creates the WOW effect.

To achieve this WOW effect, at Capsa® we have taken care to innovate a wide range of products to boost the sales of any ecommerce business, regardless of the type of product. Our Capsa 2in1® online shipping boxes have been designed with features exclusively oriented to this type of sale. You will find an extra resistant quality of corrugated cardboard that will protect the content at all times, as well as a reinforced structure design that will give the box greater resistance against stacking and lateral compression. The contents will travel safely, regardless of the position during transport. It will also allow the product to arrive in perfect condition to the customer or to your company, in case it is returned.

Additionally, our online shipping boxes are available in two assembly formats. On the one hand, we have the Duo System, which requires adhesive tape. This system can be found in our standard cardboard boxes and is a more economical alternative, but does not maximize logistical efficiency. If what you are looking for is greater productivity in your logistic process and time savings at the same time, we have our automatic assembly system without adhesive tape in less than 1 second, called the Plus System. In any case, both systems protect the content, the only thing to determine is the need you want to cover.

Within our product portfolio of boxes for online shipping we have included cardboard boxes that incorporate an accessory to protect and immobilize the contents during transport. As they are boxes formed by a single piece of cardboard, it is not necessary to buy additional packaging, which is an economic saving.

On the top of our online shipping cartons capsa 2in1® you will find our multi-function closing system capsa 2in1®, which is composed of special shipping flaps located on the short side of the box, allowing a saving on the cost of adhesive tape and storage flaps, with special criss-cross design that allows access to the contents at all times. The latter protect the contents from accidental cuts and allow easy and convenient access to the contents.

This closure option comes in two types of boxes for online shipments capsa 2in1®, its version with one tape, ideal for single shipments and its version with double tape, oriented to products with susceptibility to returns, such as clothing, shoes, decoration, etc.

Bear in mind that all our cardboard boxes for online delivery capsa 2in1® are totally customizable, with the possibility of being made to measure, if your product requires it. In addition, you can choose between cardboard, white or Kraft. We also help you with the printing process. As we have previously said, our aim is to boost your online business through innovative packaging that generates a shopping experience and makes you stand out in the market. With our cardboard boxes for online shipping capsa 2in1® we firmly believe that you will achieve this

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In Capsa® we are expert manufacturers in designing the best solutions in cardboard boxes that adapt to your needs. Call us or contact us to know more about the type of box you need for your business.

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