Industrial packaging

Capsa® offers you a wide range of industrial packaging solutions adapted to all types of companies in all sectors, such as: beverage, food, automotive, industrial, health and wellness, food, pharmaceutical, etc.

Feel free to consult our industrial packaging catalog and discover how our options bring you multiple logistic advantages to improve your company’s performance.

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Advantages of industrial packaging

  • Immobilizes and protects contents
  • Ideal for filling empty packaging spaces
  • Saves space when storing it
  • Easy to handle
  • Material savings and waste reduction
  • Optimal solution for companies selling valuable and shock-sensitive products
  • Double multifunctional capsa 2in1® closure option for shipping fragile products

Two case solutions :

  • Duo system with adhesive tape mounting
  • System Plus with quick assembly and easy folding
  • Secure transport of the content without importing the position
  • Extra-tough quality
  • Reinforced structural design
  • Reusable
  • Safe opening
Capsa 2in1 Duo comparativa

Our crates offer you special interlocking flaps without tape. They offer you a clean and practical closure with an attractive appearance.

Good packaging is extremely necessary to guarantee the perfect condition of the products during shipment. Shipments can be long and of different modalities: air, sea or land and the contents must be secured at all times; alternatives must be sought that best suit the type of product.


For this reason, Capsa® offers you a wide range of packaging products that will help you send with complete peace of mind, regardless of the size, weight or fragility of the contents. All our industrial packaging solutions are oriented towards the resistance and protection of your product during any type of journey.


Our 2in1® capsa boxes are the perfect secondary packaging to protect your product. Our crates have been designed with a reinforced structure that allows greater resistance to stacking and lateral compression. As you know, it is necessary to find packaging that ensures safety, regardless of the position in which the box travels. We are sure that our boxes perform this function to perfection. On the other hand, our capsa 2in1® cardboard boxes have a dual closure option with flaps for shipping and flaps for storage: the capsa 2in1® multifunctional closure system. The shipping flaps are located on the short side of the box, which reduces the cost of tape and thus saves money. Secondly, the storage flaps have a crossover design that allows the contents to be accessed at any time and also gives way to later reuse.


You will find our capsa 2in1® cardboard boxes in two versions of assembly systems: System Duo (manual assembly with tape) and System Plus (quick assembly with easy folding).


Don’t forget to inquire about the crate version with ergonomic handles on the sides for convenient handling of the products during internal logistics!


Don’t forget that our cardboard boxes for industrial packaging are fully customizable. We can make them custom-made, in white or Kraft cardboard according to your expectations. We can advise you on the graphic printing of the packaging and put your logo on it. Share your ideas and we will materialize them in the form of industrial packaging and cardboard boxes.


Even though our crates combine perfectly with our industrial packaging, we want to provide cushioning materials and protection in collaboration with our partner Sealed Air®. We therefore offer a wide range of products to protect your contents from external aggressions, such as airbags or paper cushioning, which are the most durable options. You will also find in our catalog ball or foam packaging, equally efficient alternatives that will help you increase the efficiency of your business by sparing the use of other materials. Durable and environmentally friendly options such as airbags or paper cushioning are also available. Choose the packaging that meets your needs. We are happy to advise you.


Ultimately, tertiary packaging is the grouping of products and orders into delivery units. Capsa® offers you container boxes and pallet boxes to help you with logistics and distribution by land or sea.

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