Boxes for industrial storage

These boxes are the best option for industrial logistics.  With them you can transport spare parts, automotive parts, taps, cosmetics, paints and any other type of product between the plants of the companies in the industrial sector.

Thanks to the possibilities of reuse, you can minimize costs and use the boxes in both internal and inverse logistics. They are also suitable for automated storage systems such as miniloads, as they allow the box to be opened and closed at all times for picking processes. The industrial packaging allows the box to travel without being sealed. It is an excellent solution that reduces costs compared to conventional plastic boxes.

Find out how our Capsa 2in1® industrial storage boxes can help you optimize your storage space, handle and preserve the contents, increase productivity, save costs and reuse the boxes.

No matter what your product type, our Capsa 2in1® industrial storage boxes are a perfect sustainable solution! Try them out!

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Benefits of 2in1® capsa industrial storage boxes

– Plus system for quick assembly and easy folding

  • Side handles for comfort
  • Maximum resistance against a conventional box
  • Reduces costs and handling time
  • Double reinforced bottom
  • Logistics efficiency
  • Safe transportation in the position you are traveling
  • Reusable
  • Reduces the use of adhesive tape
Capsa  2in1 the perfect combination

This is possible, thanks to its special interlocking flaps that do not require adhesive tape, which offers a clean and practical closing system, not to mention its visually attractive appearance.

We have said it and we repeat it: cardboard boxes are a necessity for companies and individuals. They are present in all kinds of scenarios, such as logistics, removals, household organization, product shipment, and we could go on… However, on this occasion we will stop at the use of boxes for industrial storage and analyze why boxes are essential for companies.

All companies need boxes to store products. The boxes must be resistant to take care of the product and free it from external agents such as dust or dirt. Furthermore, the boxes must facilitate the transport and handling of the goods. For this reason, at Capsa® we offer the Capsa 2in1® industrial storage boxes.

Our cardboard boxes offer the same advantages as plastic boxes. However, they are a much more sustainable and economical alternative. Our proposal of boxes for industrial storage capsa 2in1® incorporates lateral handles and an ergonomic design, which facilitate the manipulation of the goods for the warehouse workers. The boxes are very convenient to protect the products during the movement and accommodation of the goods, which is useful because inside the warehouses there is always movement and rotation of stock and that can cause unwanted damage.

Our boxes for industrial storage capsa 2in1® have a reinforced structure that gives greater resistance to lateral compression and stacking. This factor is very important within a logistics operation center or warehouse because in many cases the rotation of stock is slower, leading to a longer time spent on shelves.

The boxes for industrial storage have our 2in1® capsa multifunction closing system that provides multiple benefits to the logistics of a business that seeks to store products in reusable boxes that allow access to the contents at all times.

Finally, our industrial storage boxes are manufactured with a reinforced automatic bottom called the Plus System. This system allows the box to be assembled or folded in less than 1 second, just by pressing the sides of the box! In addition, because it is reinforced, the box is prevented from falling over and that means it can be reused several times. Again, this is a benefit for the consumer and for the warehouse workers.

Our experience with these industrial storage boxes capsa 2in1® leads us to believe that all these benefits can be obtained in the industrial sector. We have managed to combine the comfort, reflected in the side handles, with the innovation provided by the 2in1® capsa multi-function closing system.

The capsa 2in1® industrial storage boxes are fully customizable. No matter the size or weight of your product, we assure you that they are extra resistant quality boxes that support very heavy loads. You can customize them and add your brand image or use ours, which has a writing area for easy identification of the contents.

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In Capsa® we are expert manufacturers in designing the best solutions in cardboard boxes that adapt to your needs. Call us or contact us to know more about the type of box you need for your business.

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