CAPSA Packaging is filing a claim against BLUESPACE for its infringement of numerous patents.

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Capsa® demanda a Bluespace

CAPSA Packaging is filing a claim against BLUESPACE for its infringement of numerous patents.

CAPSA is filing a claim against the company Bluespace with the commercial court of Barcelona due to its infringement of numerous patents.
The defendent, Bluespace, owner of the US investment holding group Freemont Group, is leader in the storage space rental market in Spain, with 38 centres in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia. Bluespace operates a complementary business, which is the sale of cardboard boxes, used for removals and for storage.
Capsa has supplied Bluespace the patented boxes, as well as specific know-how, for several years, allowing it to pursue its business of the sale of cardboard boxes. Capsa’s claim has arisen as a consequence of the decision by Bluespace to acquire substitute cardboard boxes that imitate the beneficial features of the Capsa boxes, thus infringing several of its patents as well as incurring in an act of unfair competition on account of this imitation and causing customer confusion.
“We regret that we have been forced to take this step to defend our intellectual property rights, but our licensed partners and our official distributors, which legally offer the authentic Capsa boxes on the market, deserve our entire support,” said Capsa General Manager, Manel López.
The Capsa boxes, made from corrugated cardboard, provide the users with multiple benefits for storage, transport and removals thanks to their unique characteristics which are patent protected. A particular feature is their multifunctional closing system which allows the boxes to be opened and closed many times, as well as the speed and ease with which they can be assembled and folded away, which means they can be reused conveniently, efficiently and sustainably. It was these benefits, among others, that led Bluespace to offer the Capsa patented boxes in its establishments, eloquently naming them “Smartblue system boxes” owing to their appeal from a marketing perspective.
Based on its policy of offering clear commercial added value, Capsa has developed a number of Partner programmes, such as the innovative licensing programme which many companies have signed up to, as well as a distributor programme. Capsa has a portfolio of 95 patents in over 30 countries and is planning its international expansion through these programmes.
CAPSA Packaging develops and sells corrugated cardboard packaging solutions for numerous target markets and industrial sectors. Its products include its innovative Capsa 2in1® double closing system that has been awarded prestigious prizes for innovation, such as those awarded by Liderpack and the IPA Awards.


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