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Here at Capsa® we have great ideas - we are a real factory of cardboard boxes for meeting packaging needs!

From the conceptualisation of the product to its commercialisation, Capsa® manufactures cardboard boxes for all areas of application, such as ecommerce, cosmetics, food, technology, textiles, removals, storage, etc.


All the ideas of our R&D&I team, together with the innovative spirit of the marketing department, which is constantly attentive to the needs of the market and its customers, make Capsa® a real factory of cardboard boxes for packaging solutions. With its functional and sustainable ideas and concepts, CAPSA® places itself at the centre of the packaging value chain between carton manufacturers and customers, allowing it to have at its disposal the latest generation of machinery for the manufacture of its own cartons – incorporating the 2in1 concept, the Duo, Plus, e-Plus, eZ-Plus, Clip, Open-lid, etc. systems- which apply to die-cut boxes, self-assembly boxes,

telescopic boxes, auto-bottom boxes, cardboard containers for international shipments, reusable boxes with handles, moving boxes, storage boxes, stackable trays, boxes for online shops with built-in tape, etc.

One of our strategic pillars is our technical office. A space from which projects, prototypes and technical tests are developed in order to launch products at the manufacturing stage.


Another aspect to take into account at the cardboard box factory is the quality control of the products manufactured there. This is another of the great benefits provided by the products manufactured under the Capsa® brand. Our items undergo strict quality controls that take place between the technical department from our partners, together with our own, which guarantee perfect quality for customers.

With its functional and sustainable ideas and concepts, CAPSA is at the heart of the packaging value chain between carton manufacturers and customers.

A packaging factory full of innovative ideas

At Capsa®, we take our brand DNA very seriously: Innovative Spirit, and we strive to work hard and apply this vision at every stage of the manufacturing of packaging cartons. We seek to offer the market and companies high quality products based on structural designs that are functional and reusable. We are not only satisfied with optimising each stage of the logistics chain with our capsa 2in1® cardboard boxes, but we are also committed to reducing the environmental impact, by providing a reusable product.


Both of these benefits are possible thanks to the work carried out by our R+D+i team and Technical Office, who focus their efforts on generating innovative but equally resistant designs. To guarantee this, our R+D+i department is responsible for designing different prototypes of boxes and subjecting them to tests and resistance tests against knocks, falls, stacking and even mishandling. None of these cases are alien to the reality of the supply chain process.

So it is Capsa®’s duty to manufacture cardboard boxes for packaging, under structural designs with specific characteristics and different corrugated cardboard materials, which protect the contents of the box at all times. All of the above is complemented by our capsa 2in1® multifunctional closing system, which has specific flaps for shipping and special flaps for storage. The latter are based on a system of attachable flaps that allow access to the contents at all times. Without any doubt, this patented closing system differentiates Capsa® boxes from conventional boxes. Our boxes can be reused as many times as possible without them getting damaged.


We are committed to preserving the environment and making sure we comply with our social responsibility. The way we vindicate it is by including our capsa 2in1® multi-functional closing system. We invite the customer to become sustainably aware and extend the life of the box once they have received their order, and reuse it for transporting or storing personal items. Reusing the box can be done in many ways!

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