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Branding, a key player in the manufacturing of personalised cardboard boxes!

At Capsa® we are committed to joining forces and therefore we combine the potential of the structural design of our functional and sustainable solutions with graphic design. The aim is to create packaging that will benefit brands and help them to achieve a branding that can maximise their sales.


Nowadays, packaging is considered the silent salesperson who, from the shelves of distribution chains and also from the cardboard boxes for online shops, can attract consumers to one product or another. This is why the personalising cardboard boxes is a key element in this communication strategy. Different printing technologies can lead us to create very attractive cardboard boxes that generate a desire or a need to buy.


Capsa®, located at the heart of the packaging value chain, together with its network of partners, has at its disposal the latest printing technology that allows to create more attractive packaging. From flexographic printing in up to 8 colours, to digital printing that allows us to print photographic quality packaging, to the manufacture of personalised cardboard boxes, it is the key to covering current market trends, allowing us to help our customers to transmit a perfect shopping experience to their consumers.

Investing in personalised packaging is a guarantee of differentiation compared to other cardboard boxes, thanks to its functional and sustainable design. In addition to the reusability of Capsa® cardboard boxes, an attractive graphic can make customers realise that a cardboard box is not a disposable consumable anymore, but a product that can be given a new life.


At Capsa® we personalise cardboard boxes of all types, from boxes for online shops, boxes with auto-bottoms, self-assembly boxes, boxes with built-in self-adhesive closing systems, etc.


The importance of ecommerce packaging is another aspect to be taken into account by online shops. Packaging is no longer just a container for transporting products, but has become a brand’s calling card for its customers. The packaging produced at the Capsa® personalised cardboard box factory is a very important element of customer loyalty, both for the attractiveness of its visual design and for the unboxing experience. Capsa® cardboard boxes are functional and benefit both the sender and the receiver. Their assembly systems, the ability to open the box without the risk of accidental cuts with cutters or scissors, the possibility of temporary closure without adhesive tapes and their reinforced structural design that guarantees excellent protection, are all aspects that make Capsa® personalised boxes an excellent choice.

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