International shipping boxes

Our international shipping boxes are the best ally for industrial companies selling fragile and heavy items from beverage, food, automotive, health and beauty, agribusiness, pharmaceutical and many others.

Let your products go far with the best intenational shipping boxes! Check them out!

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Benefits of container boxes

  • Keep products and contents well fixed
  • Space optimisation
  • Easy handling
  • Stackable and stable
  • Compatible with European and North American palletising system
  • Customisable
  • Reduces costs

This is possible, thanks to its special interlocking flaps that do not require adhesive tape, which offers a clean and practical closing system, not to mention its visually attractive appearance.

Expanding companies will usually be increasing sales, start exporting and strengthening their position in the market. This denotes their products are of a supreme quality and therefore existing clients buying more. Here at Capsa® we want to support and complement this growth by providing an excellent packaging that enhances even more the quality of the company’s products. Since exporting overseas sometimes involves shipping via rail, road, air or sea, our international shipping boxes have to provide products with an optimal resistance against any sort of external aggression during transit.

Our international shipping boxes are designed to protect and organise products, regardless of their size, weight or version. They are compatible with both European and American palletising systems. You can export dynamic loads and liquid substances with North American pallets. For any type of goods, you can choose Euro pallet, which is suitable for miniload automated storage systems. Euro pallet has the measures to be implemented in such systems.

Here at Capsa® we provide solutions for your logistical goals. Whereas our pallet boxes with sleeve are ideal for organising heavy bulky products, our pallet boxes with flaps and sleeve are ideal for shipping larger ones. Both solutions will boost your business performance and help to manage packaging storage. Therefore, reduce the number of shipments.

Note our international shipping boxes are fully stackable and stable, as they are manufactured from extra reinforced structure designs. This means they can be securely stored in the warehouse and the lorry. They also protect against changes in temperature and humidity.

If you want to turn your package into a communication channel, you can add your brand logo and messages to the outer of the box. This way you can promote your brand nationally and internationally.

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Capsa® always helps you to choose the right cardboard boxes and the appropriate measurements to suit your business requirements. Boxes can also be printed to your own design specification. Give us a call or contact us to find out more about the box you need.

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